Tampa area owner, Denise Ogelsby is committed to natural wellness on many levels beyond facial skin care, from nutrition to excersise and yoga she is a dedicated holistic care provider. Denise is centered around a healthy Tampa life style that goes well with her profession of providing natural healthy skin care services that are right in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida. Many of her clients also travel from Clearwater and surrounding Tampa Bay areas to experience a top facial rejuvenation experience that is uniquely on par with the best that Tampa has to offer..

We also offer advanced holistic skin care treatments in the Tampa Bay area

The Beauty Bungalow

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A Facial Skin Care Spa in the Tampa Bay area of Florida

Erin Aber from Facebook raves about the Beauty Bungalow:

"Have struggled for years to find, in St. Petersburg, a relaxing environment, state if the art equipment, clinical excellence and a commitment to natural, cruelty free products. Have also struggled to find an aesthetician who is professional but fun and has excellent technique and knowledge. The whole package is right here at Beauty Bungalow. Where have you been all of my St. Pete life? :)"

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We specialize in facial skin care services for our clients in St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa. Not only do we rejuvenate aging skin, but we also offer other facial treatments for dry skin, oily skin and various types of acne. If your face is in need of clean healthy skin care, then a visit to the Beauty Bungalow in the Tampa Bay area is a must. 

We offer a variety of skin care treatments by a Tampa Florida licensensed  skin care practioner, from face peels to microdermabrasions your skin will love what the Beauty Bungalow can do for you! Simply fill out the form below to Contact us today to arrange your appointment for the best facial treatments in Tampa or give us a call at 727-656-9096.